How to Setup IIS with HTTPS Binding? Options

codeling 1258 - 5370
@2017-09-27 11:26:45

select "Default web site" from connections panel in the IIS Manager.

select "Bindings…" menu item.

Click on Add…

From Type drop down list, select "https", the default port assigned in 443

From SSL Certificate, select self signed certificate created and click on "OK"

To test HTTPS binding, select "Default Web Site" and select "Browse *:443(https)" from right panel.

The IIS home page will open in a web browser

If you used a self signed certificate, you will get an certificate error in browser, to proceed, you need to accept certificate exception.

If you have a self signed certificate, you will not see any certificate error, it will show IIS home page with HTTPS.


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